Some news from Belarus

Since we do not find much about the current situation in Belarus, let me summarize an article written by Dmitry Galko and published on

A massive protest movement started in Belarus when the Decret Nr 3 on parasites was signed: everybody who stays 6 months without working has to pay a 200$ tax. The rational of this measure was to chase people too easily benefiting from the social system. Statistics say that 470’000 people or 10% of the active population does not work, where only 1% of the population is registered as unemployed.

After the Belarusian massively demonstrated or refused to pay the tax, Lukashenko for the very first time retreated and put a moratorium on this tax for 2017. However the demonstrations and acts of protests did not recede, on the contrary.

The true reasons of the protest lies in the general economical situation of the country, and which very much depends from the relation to Russia. Since Belarus refused to recognise the Russian annexation of Crimea, condemned the Russian aggression in the Donbass as well as the Russian policy in Syria, Russia-Belarus relation very much deteriorated. Belarus cannot make so much money anymore on the refining of the Russian oil, which used to be the most lucrative economic activity in the country. The debt for the purchase of Russia gas also very much increased , and the export of goods to Russia are declining.

We see already Russia supporting some of the opposition movements to Lukashenko, or trying to rally the Belarusian population to Russia or Putin …. without any success so far.

Belarus is generally afraid about the prospect of a Belarusian Maidan, but the conditions are totally different. Belarus lacks the political opponents, the discussion platforms, the national debates.

However it is not said that this protest movement cannot become a real revolution. The real violent repression of the movement could trigger the same mobilising effect as did in Ukraine the repression of the night of Nov 30/Dec 1st, and the corruption of the state start also to influence the current movement of protest.


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