The European Agenda of Emmanuel Macron

Most of the German journalists or commentators seem to be a bit lost with what Emmanuel Macron wants for Europe. In the worst case they just play with German usual fears and stereotypes and call for protecting Germany against fictitious dangers. A bit disappointing and this will clearly not be the right approach to start the efficient and fruitful dialog that we need. Therefore I suggest the here below summary of the European agenda of Emmanuel Macron, structured after various sources, his book Revolution, few interviews and naturally his program. It is not reviewed officially by En Marche, to which I belong, but it is a personally summary.

A critical starting point

  • The French and Dutch No broke the European dynamic.
  • The mistake of the pro-Europeans was to fear democracy and having by-passed the 2005 No.
  • The message of the 2005 referendums was this Europe is not ours, this is a too exclusively free market Europe, too far away from our values.
  • We lack true political leadership in Europe.
  • Europeans leaders are weak and chosen because they are weak.
  • A 28 commissars commission, that does not fly, that cannot fly.
  • We have a Europe of procedures, a Europe without any vision.
  • The intergovernmental approach paralysed Europe, it does not allow to project Europe in the future.
  • The current decision process is worn-out, there is a desire of European democracy.
  • We witnessed a perversion of the Single Market, we opened-up but we forgot regulation and solidarity.
  • There was no political debate on the reasons of the debt crisis, which were linked to the Euro.
  • The incomplete feature of the euro was a mistake, without any political management of the eurozone we got increased imbalances and divergences.
  • The Brexit express a protection need.


Nothing will be done in Europe without the French-German couple

  • There is room for a French leadership in Europe but this implies that France gives the example.
  • France needs to restore her credibility before relaunching the French-German engine.
  • Therefore the need of structural reforms immediately after the new President comes into office, in order to establish France credibility toward Germany until the German vote in September
  • Use the French-German couple in order to relaunch the European project and find a new European dynamic through Democratic conventions organised in the 27 Member States.


To rebuild a European project based on the concept of a European sovereignty

  • Europe allows us to recover our full sovereignty.
  • Sovereignty is the exercise by a population of its choices on its territory.
  • Being sovereign means being able to act efficiently.

For a dynamic and audacious Europe having a strong taste for the future, democracy and the values of an open society

  • For a multi speed or multi circle Europe.
    • The 27 Europe to address digital (including a European VC fund), energy issues (including a floor price for CO2) and fight against commercial dumping.
    • Europe as the right level to structure a trade policy, which protects.
    • The European Parliament should have more power in order to ratify the European commercial agreements.
  • The Schengen Europe in order to address the security questions and the protection of the external borders
  • A perimeter limited to France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK in order to build the Europe of Defence
  • The Eurozone
    • In order to build fiscal and social convergences
    • A eurozone budget strong enough in order to be able to
      • manage possible crisis,
      • lead counter cyclical policies,
      • to invest
    • All this executed by a Eurozone executive power, i.e. a Finance Minister of the Eurozone
    • Controlled by a Parliament of the Eurozone.
  • Structural reforms in the member states and a European investment plan.
  • NO MUTUALIZATION OF PAST DEBTS (in red and bold for our German friends to really notice this)
  • On the refugees:
    • Handle the asylum procedures in the third countries,
    • Sanctions against the countries which do not accept refugees,
    • 5’000 boundary keepers at the European external borders.
  • CETA Ratification (Comprehensive Economic & Trade Agreement) however some measures in favour of the sectors which can be destabilised by this agreement.
  • Not to relaunch the TAFTA discussions (Trans Atlantic Free Trade Agreement – US/EU free trade zone).
  • No tax agreement between the Member States and the multinationals.
  • For a European Buy Act : access to government procurement given to the corporates which have at least half of their production capacities in Europe.
  • Erasmus extended to 200’000 students and apprentices.
  • A European Defence Fund in order to finance some common military equipment
  • One permanent European headquarter, a French-German initiative opened to any European Member State.
  • Control of the foreign investment in order to protect some strategic sectors
  • Face to the Brexit defend the integrity of the Single Market


We are Europe and Europe is our responsibility

  • Historic moment against Europe foes, therefore historic responsibility toward the anti-europeans – we cannot be shy about Europe because then we already lost
  • We let the critic on Europe to the anti Europeans
  • ‘’I am therefore a convinced European, even an enthusiast one, but lucid and without complacency.
  • Citizen Conventions everywhere in Europe end of 2017, resulting in a project, which will be adopted by all the countries which want it. No country will be able to bloc it.

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