Kohl’s Germany – a note of optimism

Interesting to read the German media paying respect to the Einheitskanzler. Yesterday I very much appreciated the first page of the Handelsblatt with an article called: The unfinished European house.

Respect to the old chancellor does not forbid direct critics. His Europe and his Euro led to an easy credit inflation which led to a huge crisis. Since the paper is German the regulators are not seen as being responsible, no the culpability is elsewhere, nobody, including Germany, had the discipline to respect the agreed rules. And instead of the promised most innovative economy of the world, growth and full employment, we had debts, deficit, low growth and unemployment all together. And still a big deficit of democracy and legitimacy.

The clever conclusion of this editorial is that we should hurry up and finish what was started by Kohl. The current French and German leaders should pursue the mission, with a sense of urgency underlined by the death of the old chancellor.

Well I have to confess that I started dreaming a bit too much after having put my newspaper aside. What a pleasure to see a German media calling for what the German politicians so far did not dare to call for. Could we have a scenario where the German media will precede the German politicians, and push them to act and go beyond the usual German prejudices, and finally seriously deepen our European project? Will the German media fear less their readers than the German politicians fear their voters?

I can only wish that the German journalists would take an active part of the fight for a better and more democratic Europe. And at the end of the day, this might be the very true Kohl’s Germany. A country ready to further deepen our European project, a country where the well spread pro-European mood is frustrated by too slow politicians. And where people react. Pulse of Europe was launched in Germany first, and refusing the participation of politicians.

Let us not only dream, hope or wish. Let us chase any expression of this European movement, let us encourage it, be part of it.

Vielen Dank Herr Bundeskanzler. Sie waren der Europakanzler meiner Jungheit. Wir vermissen Sie sehr. Die Wahrheit ist, dass ich Sie seit schon 19 Jahren vermisse. Nach Ihrem Tod möchte ich Sie nicht passiv ehren, sondern Sie durch einen sehr aktiven Kampf für Europa ins Leben wieder rufen.

Europa über alles!

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