Not sharing all Juncker’s dreams

In March I didn’t like the White Paper on the future of Europe. A mere presentation of possible scenarii for Europe, without any particular recommendation. Well this time Junker chose and said what he is dreaming about. There are a lot of dreams I share and I hope they would become true relatively quickly, like :

  • the creation of a Common Labour Authority,
  • the extension of Shengen to the entire EU,
  • the completion of the Banking Union,
  • the EU enlargement to Western Balkan,
  • the majority votes for most of the Council decisions,
  • the transformation of the ESM into a EMF (although I already said it cannot be the only objective of the current reform process in Europe)
  • a Minister of Economy and Finance who is also the President of the Eurogroup,
  • a European Defense Union by 2025,
  • more subsidiary and proportionality.

There are other parts of Juncker’s dream I do not share, and even resist to.

I do not think it is a good idea to merge the two presidencies of the European Commission and of the European Council. I agree that today the fact that the three Presidents (Commission, Council, Parliament) have almost the same political weight creates confusion in the heads of the people. But it is not a reason to mix the roles. The head of what should be a strong executive, democratically elected and controlled (my dream of the Commission) can not be the head of what should be the second parliamentary chamber representing the member states (my dream of the European Council).

It is also in my view a mistake to let think today that all the member-states but Denmark) should and would quickly adopt the Euro. No. No because some don’t want it (Poland, Czech Republic, …), or because other are far from fulfilling the conditions (Bulgaria, Romania). We made a mistake onboarding Greece too early, taking an audacious political decision, which would have been admirable if we would have better assisted, controled, helped Greece after it entered the Eurozone. But well we saw how weak the governance of the Eurozone is, and let us not lie to ourselves, we still have huge homework to do on the governance of the Eurozone before onboarding countries which would underline further today’s weakness.

We can dream the EU would become federal as per the wish of all its members, but this is pure imagination. Then let us focus on the inner circle, which has to become federal if it wants to survive, i.e. the Eurozone. Let us keep it open to any European country willing to join the project. But let us have also a looser circle for all the countries, which do not wish to go so far in the democratic integration, and let us call it the EU.

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