German elections, timely advocacy for truth and democracy in Europe

The results of the German are disappointing because the campaign was itself very much disappointing. The CDU just played the card of the continuity and avoided raising true questions on the various challenges that Germany is facing. It was clearly not enough. The SPD did not want to exist and then gets logically the results that it deserved. Unfortunately the AfD got also a logical result in the context of difficult realities that the traditional parties try to keep silent because they do not really know how to cope with them.

Since these results are logical they are useful. I was very much astonished that Europe was never seriously discussed in the campaign. It was only a nice empty word repeated with nice smiles. This void communication ideology will surely finds quickly its end, not only because the confrontation of the realities of the voters just showed that it was way not enough and just a bad joke. The rise of the AfD might be very much useful here: it could force the traditional parties to understand that the only way to answer to the voters who are demanding more sovereignty for Germany is to build a true European democracy. AfD voters rightly say, and by the way FDP voters too, that they cannot trust this bureaucratic Europe construction which stole the German sovereignty without giving them any possibility to control the European level. The best way to answer them is to finally really tackle this serious issue that the Constitutional Court of Karlsruhe had by the way already underlined.

Germany Sovereignty lies in political responsibilities clearly structured and democratically controlled. Then an excellent timing to strongly raise the democratic issue of the Eurozone. To get back the lost voters we have finally to address the weakness of the current European construction, which is illegitimate in the eyes of many. It lacks efficiency transparency, simplicity and democratic control. Let us build a true democratic federal power in the Eurozone to address these important points.

Also an excellent opportunity for the tomorrow’s speech of Emmanuel Macron. Let us hope that he will not only focus on technics (EMF, banking union, defence, digital, energy, …) but that he will underline that the core of our today’s challenge in Europe is a political one: how to set up a true democracy at the European level, in oder to finally stop insulting our values and our voters?

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