Macron’s democratic conventions at the light of Richard Youngs’ Europe Reset

At a time where many of us are looking for the right ideas to concretely structure the Democratic Conventions called by Emmanuel Macron to re-found Europe, it is interesting to read the book Europe Reset written by Richard Youngs and to consider his approach in this context.

Richard Youngs defends the idea of the constitution of a Compact of European citizens forming a Sortition Forum. The sortition forum is a cascade of assemblies, local / national / European, where members are drawn. The national assemblies are made of members of the local assemblies drawn, and the members of the European assembly are also drawn from the members of the national ones. Then we do not have a representative democracy but a deliberating one. The assemblies’ members deliberate during 2 years, and are accompanied by experts and social media. The way of deliberating follows the sociocracy method, which consists in deliberating until we have, if not a consensus, at least no serious objections anymore.

This European citizens compact would then deliver a civic blueprint in order to rebuild Europe from scratch. And the traditional institutions, national and European ones, should commit to take into account this blueprint in order to reshape Europe. There could be a specific summit to discuss this.

The Compact would continue to work after the creation of the democratic institutions of the new Europe, either to shadow each of the new created institutions, or in a less ambition model to crowd-source ideas for MEPs.

In Richard Youngs model the Compact can be initiated and run by the governments but ideally this role would be taken over by the civil society.

There are definitely few interesting ideas in this approach, and we could recognize in its light version the Hausparlament defended by Raban Fuhrmann and that Pulse of Europe apparently wants to follow (see!5462439/ ). But to bring good ideas to MEP is not sufficient to have the real impact that we urgently need. The 2-year agenda is also certainly reasonable, but does not fit with our European political agenda.

Such a compact of European citizens should deliver the program of a European transnational political movement running for the 2019 European Elections.

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