Macron’s New Year Address to the European youth will be always relevant

I thought I already put on this blog the translation in English of the New Year Address of Emmanuel Macron to the European youth. But since it will be never too late to do it I do it now. And I am still wondering why EM did not do it directly in English… Here we are:

‘‘There are two fights which are particularly dear to my heart. The first one is the fight for ‪Europe. I need you, you young Europeans of all the countries of the Union, to commit yourselves and get involved in these citizens consultations on Europe, to tell us which Europe you want, to help us to re-build her and re-found her, to have a greater European ambition, to express your opinion, to carry projects, to help to this re-foundation to which I committed myself a lot, but which needs your personal and full endeavour‘‘.

I hope this message will be heard everywhere in ‪Europe and lead everywhere in Europe to many many initiatives, including your own, and your personal participation to this democratic conventions.

Let us make of 2018 the year of the European civil society.


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