German big coalition, what is concretely on Europe in the GroKo Sondierungspapier?

The document agreed on 12.01 between the SPD, the CDU and CSU in view of a possible new big coalition is better than expected as far as Europe is concerned.

Europe is the very first question addressed by the document, and take 3 of the 28 pages of the document. Naturally most in these three pages is full of these usual empty generalities which do not bring anything concrete.

However we can underline the clear willingness:

  • to strengthen the powers of the European Parliament,
  • to invest more in research, innovation and create a Digital Single Market,
  • to dedicate European means to fight against the unemployment of young people and establish a social convergence for minimum wage and basic social insurance,
  • to establish more equivalences of diplomas and degrees,
  • to fairly tax the GAFA and fight against tax fraud,
  • to have a fiscal convergence and agree to tax the big corporates in the countries where their benefits are made,
  • bring flesh on the PESCO,
  • have a common migration policy and manage together the external boundaries of the Union,
  • develop a Common African Policy,
  • increase the EU budget, and create specific budget in the euro zone for economic stabilization, social convergence, and support for structural reforms. With a higher contribution from Germany.
  • to reform the euro area in order to better face crisis, to develop more tax control, tax convergence, and economic coordination in the euro zone,
  • to turn the ESM into a democratically controlled EMF in a EU legal framework, but where risks taking and responsibilities are clearly linked.

The three parties also recognize that all this will only work with a closer French German relationship, thus a new Elysée Treaty is needed. France and Germany should be also the engine to boost the European innovation particularly in AI.

Then an excellent document, going even further of what we could have expected on the budget of the Eurozone, or on the social convergence. The biggest missing issues would be the finalization of the Banking Union, the birth of the capital Market Union and the concept of the multi-speed Europe.

But in any case a document on which we can work on the re-foundation of Europe. Let us therefore strongly support the GroKo.

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