Ach, if the German people would dare…

It does not look like something disruptive will come from the preparation of the European vote in Germany. It is naturally a bit early to say, but well we already know that the Bürgerdialoge will be organized without any audacity, and that the German establishment will stick to its inertia hoping that once again it would help the country to cross the storm without any damage.

This passivity will widen the psychological gap between North and South in Europe and will certainly not be so well considered in our future history books.

On the other side of the Rhine our French European revolutionaries seem to have signed a treaty of non-aggression with the German establishment. The French President does not want to embarrass his German interlocutors at a time where he still thinks that he can receive their help to reform Europe. He is apparently betting on an intergovernmental re-foundation of Europe. People are apparently not seen anymore as useful and legitimate leverage instruments to defeat the too well entrenched conservatisms in Germany or elsewhere in Europe.

Then the hope of many European people to join a Republique Européenne En Marche movement everywhere in Europe might be already misplaced. Sad and pity.

Not to mention that our French revolutionaries may not have found yet the European Graal, which would allow them to achieve everything they want to initiate in Europe. And they might also be better at formulating brilliant and pertinent general concepts or long term ideas than at understanding the concrete local realities in Europe.

All the above being well acknowledged as the true and real starting point, and having also an eye on the clock unfortunately ticking any second and already telling us that the European vote is in less than one year, I still believe that there is today a fantastic opportunity for Germany to initiate a large citizen movement which could bring the beginning of some answers to the multi-crisis in which our continent fell.

Two years after the great birth of Pulse of Europe Germany need a new citizen initiative not only to mark its emotional attachment to Europe but also its resolution to concretely work at its political re-foundation.

Then my dream is still[1] that somebody in Germany will have the crazy idea to deliver what Germany so far did not, i.e. draw the German European map for the coming years and very pragmatically an exciting program for the next European vote.

This could be organized by a small team of moral sponsors or a dedicated think-tank which would quickly organize a European Citizens Compact, split, for instance, in 5-6 streams (Immigration, Climate change, Security, Eurozone, Digital, Social, European Democracy,…), gathering for each of them max 50 citizens, out of which 5 would track a digital stream and other Bürger dialogs associated to any respective physical citizen compact stream. The citizens (randomly chosen?) sitting in these streams would be neither experts nor politicians, but would have access to experts and politicians in order to build within max. 6 months a program on their stream for the next European vote.

We could imagine that if the results are pertinent some of the old parties would refer to this citizens program, or even that from this citizens compact a list for the European vote would emerge.

I would really love to see this idea starting from Germany in order to reconcile a Europe, which became so awfully fragmented in the crisis. We could also imagine that our German friends invite citizens from other European countries (Italy or Greece would be a good choice…) and consult naturally experts and politicians beyond the German boundaries. But the initiative should be a German one to tell Europe, sorry we are a bit late, but yes we, German people, we very much care.

In any case each citizens stream should be a true representation of the diversity of the opinions in order to be sure that this does not end with a boring and totally useless game between blissful federalists.

I would imagine such an experience would create a very positive dynamics for the European vote and I would be very much surprised if the idea pushed by this citizen compact would very much defer from the re-foundation ambition defined by Emmanuel Macron. And this would create also very positive links and dynamics in order to define a clever majority in the next European parliament.

Beyond the difficulty of the organization itself the challenge would be to find an equilibrium on this pretty narrow path between an LREM / En Marche in France which does not want to be the one disrupting the German political landscape, a German concept of democracy which instinctively rejects everything which does not come parliamentary democracy, and the opposition of old parties whose erosion would be naturally accelerated if this process would be successful.

Who wants to try? Who does understand that it is really key and strategic for Germany and for Europe? Historic. I naturally noticed the initiative of Pulse of Europe announced by Silvan Wagenknecht with his Living-room parliament, but, maybe not having the full picture of this initiative, I don’t think it would go far enough.

Dann wer is dran? Any volunteer?

[1] see my evolution on this subject )


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